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Say It Loud! @ the BBPA Harry Jerome Awards
Say It Loud! @ the BBPA Harry Jerome Awards

Say It Loud!

SAY IT LOUD! will disrupt anti-Black racism and redefine Black culture in the eyes of all Canadians.

SAY IT LOUD! will counter negative stereotypes associated with Black communities and promote positive cultural identity through a Black youth lens. It will also increase Black pride in youth, enhance their sense of belonging and inclusion and raise awareness among all Canadians about the negative effects of  anti-Black racism.

Roderick Brereton: 647 287 4741
Farley Flex: 416 998 6562


℅ Urban Rez Solutions Social Enterprise
4439 Lawrence Avenue East
Toronto, Canada M1E 2T6

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    Welcome to Say It Loud

    A national campaign for Black Youth aged 14-29 that promotes Black pride and positive cultural identity through technology, entrepreneurship, social innovation, visual, culinary and performing arts.