SAY IT LOUD promotes Black Pride and Positive Cultural Identity through STEM, Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Literary, Culinary, Visual Performance and Fashion Arts. The initiative showcases Black youth who as artists, founders and trailblazers, challenge anti-Black stereotypes and subsequently leave a positive impact on all communities across Canada.

There will be competitions in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Windsor, the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax. These regional events that showcase Black youth and their talent lead up to the first biennial SAY IT LOUD National Youth Summit in Ottawa during Black History Month in February 2021.


”As a community, we must collectively work to engage and empower youth to get optimum performance out of their potential”
- Farley Flex & Roderick Brereton


Our Beliefs

``Feed a person a fish and they'll eat for a day...teach a person to fish and they'll eat for life``

We must work to strengthen national, regional and international cooperation in relation to the full enjoyment of economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights by people of African descent and ensure full and equal participation in all aspects of society.

Urban Rez Solutions Social Enterprise is a social transformative change agency that empowers people to get optimal performance out of their potential.

A community without a sense of pride and culture has no real identity of its own.

Welcome to Say It Loud

A national campaign for Black Youth aged 14-29 that promotes Black pride and positive cultural identity through technology, entrepreneurship, social innovation, visual, culinary and performing arts.