Demi Adeyinka

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First Name: Demi
Last Name: Adeyinka
Stage Name:
Date of Birth: 17
Gender: Female
Current City: Calgary
Current Province: Alberta
Country of Residence: Canada
Phone Number: 5877002059
Social Links:

Music Genre: [music-genre]
Bio: My name is Demi and I’m a fashion designer from Calgary, AB, and originally from Nigeria. I’ve been designing from the age of four so fashion design has basically been a lifelong habit of mine. But in the past few years and mainly over quarantine, I started figuring out ways to pursue it. From shooting outfits that I put together, to taking illustration classes, and watching sewing videos, I’ve been putting in the work to put myself in place for opportunities like this. I am currently putting together my first cohesive line and continuing the process of stepping towards my future in fashion. As a black person, I believe that everything I do and pursue in a world that tries to keep me down is an expression of pride in my identity. As a designer, my goal since I started has been creating clothing that makes people happy and brings out the beauty in each and every person. Black pride is being yourself no matter who’s around, and so I aim to make people confident in their skin as through my clothes.
Vocal Skills Rating: 6
What would this opportunity mean to you? : This opportunity would mean me taking the first steps on making my dreams of being a fashion designer come true. Up until now, I’ve struggled with imposter syndrome when it came to taking steps in fashion, even now I feel that way. But I’m learning that I’ll never be “qualified” or ready if I never do the things I feel unqualified for. So here I am applying!

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